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The Music

Current Songbooks

The Bumper Book
Hundreds of mixed songs

Brungstrum Vol. 1
Songs the members have suggested
Brungstrum Vol. 2
More member suggestions
Brungstrum Vol. 3
Choices from our members
Brungstrum Vol. 4
Choices from the 21st Century!
Brungstrum Vol. 5.4
Updated version - delete other versions, we use this one!
Brungstrum Vol. 6.1
Over 100 new songs to choose from (updated from 6.0).
Souvenir Book Vol. 1
A souvenir of our virtual trip around other uke groups songbooks
Some Extra Songs Vol.1
Some songs that aren't in the other books!
The Boating Songbook
If you're messing about on the river
Current Gig Book
The ones that make the crowds go wild!
Moggerhanger Gig Book 2023
Final version of the tunebook for Moggerhanger
Esquires Gig Book
for the March 2018 gig
Spookelele 2018
A Halloween themed collection (UPDATED!)
Rocky Horror Songbook
The songs from the show
The 2019 Xmas Book
It's Christmaaaaaaas! UPDATED!
Strumming Patterns
Variety is the spice of life

We play music from all eras, in all styles. Well, almost - there is precious little classical or hip-hop in there as yet! We reflect the preferences of the members, so if you join us you will have opportunities to introduce the kind of music you'd like to play.

Our repertoire includes songs of varying complexity - from two (simple) chord songs, to ones with little picking patterns and chords that will stretch you (and your fingers!). The idea is that as your playing progresses you will be able to tackle the more challenging songs - and even then we make sure that even total beginners make a musical contribution to every song. If you can sing at the same time as playing, then you will be doubly welcome.

We provide music as downloadable pdf files, grouped as 'books'. We do not provide printed songbooks. Of course you are free to print them out yourself - but there's quite a lot of it. The majority of members use an iPad or Android tablet to store and view their music - just make sure it is charged up before the meeting! If you are coming to a meeting and do not have such a device, someone will always let you share.

Communication between meetings is usually via email - we recap each meeting (for those that weren't there) and give an idea of what we will be doing next week. Other emails might include updates to tunebooks, new songs and details of upcoming gigs.


We also offer tutorials - on a group basis for half an hour before our main evenings, on an occasional basis. Below you can find some accompanying notes which you might find useful, although they aren't really intended to be stand alone, but to act as an aide memoire and reference for those who came along. If there is sufficient demand, we may repeat these sessions in the future. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when!

Barre Chords Lesson
A summary of the 18th October 2017 tutorial

Chord Cheats Lesson
A summary of the 22nd November 2017 tutorial

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