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About Us

Playing Out

Formed about five years ago (as Bedford Ukulele Group), Ukulele Bedford is an open, community based group. If we were a corporation, we ought to have some sort of 'mission statement', but we arent so we don't. We just aim to have fun playing music of all styles on the instrument of our choice!

As an open group, we welcome anyone to join - from complete beginner to experienced player. We don't 'teach' ukulele, but you will find that playing regularly with a group will bring your playing on much quicker than you expect. Although our sessions are not tutorials, more experienced members are always happy to give newcomers a helping hand. For more detailed information see the 'Join Us' page.

If you are looking for a musical group to play at your fete, garden party or village hall, please get in touch - we do 'play out'. For some reason, beer festivals seem a particular favourite amoung our members! In general we only do so fairly locally to North Beds, but may go further afield if the gig appeals to the members - just ask. If we can't help, we may be able to recommend another ukulele group who can. We do charge a small fee for performing (we do have travel expenses etc) - much of the time we donate this to charity anyway. If your event is a charity fundraiser (and it is a charity with which the members sympathise!) then we may very well play for free.

The Committee

As a group we are very informal (indeed!). But we do have a proper constitution and a committee. We like to think that having the proper foundations makes the group more democratic, more flexible and more resiliant. It allows members of the group to have a say in the way things are run and it allows us to have a bank account with proper signatories.

Current Committee Members

Chair, Trevor Collins
Vice Chair, David Neale
Secretary, Jon Hall
Treasurer, Joy Calmels
Membership Secretary, Andy Chinn
Committee Member, Norman Hewitt
Committee Member, Rebecca Kayte

The Constitution

If you would like to download the current version of our constitution, please click here.

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